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Story about a pair of shoes

A box left behind me

I didn’t realize

I whine and saw a funny smiley face in front of me

My heart somehow said : “Oh I’ll miss this moment…”

The box still there

Your laugh went louder

Until I hit something behind me

I yelled and it brought me the happiest face

“a pair of shoes, yeayyy!!!”😊😊😊

I still remembered. the way you laughed, the joyful face from a lovely person in front of me


With all the smiles you brought me, I never tought that you could cause me so many tears.


And…. that’s I wanna left behind with the shoes

A pair of memories

A pair of memories

Like a song from the past:

“Cinta memang banyak macamnya tapi tak semua bisa bersatu”.

– by: Tulus/sepatu –  👟